Pickle Jar Thumper Keg

Do you want purer and higher quality moonshine from your small home still? Then try adding a thumper keg made from one of these bad boys:

A pickle jar! (I haven’t even finished eating the pickles from the jar) This addition to your still will create higher quality moonshine by allowing for double distillation.

How it works:

According to homedistiller.org a thumper keg works in this manner:

“The vapour from the still is directed into a jar (or some other container) of liquid, into which it condenses. As more vapour comes into the thumper, the temperature increases and the liquid evaporates again, effectively redistilling it. It is then condensed by the usual method.”

1) Eat pickles or transfer them to another container. This is key as you will need the jar. If you can’t eat them give them to your girlfriend for when you’re not around.

2) Thoroughly clean theĀ  jar to remove any pickle odours

3) Remove the sticker and cut two holes in the lid of the pickle jar, making sure the diameter of the inlet and outlet pipes (ours were 1/2 inch)

4) Sweat pipes together as needed, making sure to have one pipe almost touches the bottom of the pickle jar and another significantly shorter

5) Now attach the jar to make sure everything fits!

6) Now apply JB Weld to the seal of the inlet/outlet holes to keep them air tight

7) Now you’ve got a thumper keg! Make sure to let the JB Weld set for several hours. We tried using ours right away and it ended up melting the seal.

Here’s the keg in action!

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